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Giving the gift of H.O.P.E. -- Helping other people excel

Through prayer and your support, our goal is to help individuals - that are willing to help themselves - start over, by getting back on their feet, focusing on the future and becoming whole again. 

By you clicking through the links and purchasing products from these respectable merchants, we are able to provide a percentage of profits to buy food, clothing, and shelter (if only for the night) for those in need.

Integrity is doing the right thing even if nobody is watching...

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It is what it is.....   this statement is overused and is a bad form of a cop-out; it translates to: "I can't change it", "It happens", "Oh well", "It's not my problem".  We as Americans have lost touch with true reality, ie. more people take the opportunity to vote for individuals on a reality game show than they do for the American President.  Too many people feel that "As long as it doesn't effect me personally, I'm not concerned about it".  We all need to remember that part of why we are put on this earth is to help our fellow man.  There are those of us that can barely make ends meet, those of us that make ends meet, tie them in a knot and have plenty left over, and there are those that feel they have absolutely no hope and feel they can't go on.       We can work together, to help each of us change, excel, and succeed - and make LIFE what IT should be.
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